Public Relations

Compass Strategic Business Consulting (Compass SBC) has extensive Public/Corporate Relations experience with strategic planning, marketing and branding, in both the public and private sectors. We possess particular strength with fostering collaborative environments, creating strategic community partnerships and consensus building, as well as structuring effective, focused communication plans. We’re well versed with communication that involves business development ventures, public policy and transportation initiatives.


Is “uh oh” part of your business communication strategy? We can help you with a plan, before you experience unplanned activities and events.

Do you have best-kept secrets you wish everyone knew? Together we can create media relations and reputation management strategies and stories, which will help you over time. But don’t forget to correspondingly engage your front-line advocates as a vital part of your communication schematic. The daily dynamics of your team, your division and your organization matter to your business success! They can help you tell your story with conviction and passion.