December 8, 2014

Shhhhhh, It’s a Secret

Has your company or you had to face internal/external disclosure about an illegal or unethical activity or an unexpected challenge? Have you faced a challenge where people’s health and safety could be at risk?

The recent events in our local community reinforce the importance of a crisis communication plan. A crisis event can be both career defining and brand defining for individuals and their organizations.

I’ve worked with companies whose day-to-day activities place employees at some kind of risk. Whether your risk factors are minimal or not, do you have a communication plan in place in the event you are facing a predicament? If you have a plan, do you review it regularly or is it filed in the back of a dusty cabinet?

You can’t plan for a crisis while you’re having one. Traditional media and social media do not allow secrets, but do allow for the communication of misinformation. Although a crisis is somewhat predictable, the timing of a challenging event is not.

At Compass Consulting, we can put a plan together and help you stay on course to keep your plan a “living” document. Remember to include your internal audience as significant to the success of your plan.